Release Notes

Core v1.22 - Moving Core forward with a new templating language

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With this release, the Digital Communications team is starting the long transition from Cascade’s legacy templating language, XSLT, to Velocity. Velocity is the Java-based template engine recommended by Cascade’s creators, Hannon Hill.

This transition won’t affect how you interact with Cascade, but you should start feeling pages render a lot faster as we transition larger portions of our code base to Velocity.

We, like you, understand that making changes in Cascade can be tedious because of the load times, but rendering speeds within the CMS should be a lot faster once we’re done with this transition.


  • Title and meta data formats have been moved to Velocity
  • The official FIU Alerts have been added to all sites. Now, when the university sends out an alert, the red alert banner will appear on all websites until an all-clear is given, and the alert is removed.
  • Stats Row module is no longer limited to just three stats
  • Tags can now be hidden across all blog posts from the blog’s settings
  • You can now add a banner and breadcrumbs to the blog listing pages
  • Dropdown icon styles have been altered slightly from our last release, and a few instances have been brought into the new, uniform look.
  • You can now add a border or a drop shadow to any image by adding the classes .border or .box-shadow. These classes will work on other elements, as well, but we recommend limiting their use to images.
  • Updated Highlight.js, our plugin to format code blocks on our sites, to 11.7.0 and updated a few of the highlighted colors to pass AAA 7:1 color ratio

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where highlighted tertiary nav items would lose their button styling when active
  • Fixed an issue where sites with only tertiary nav items had no mobile menu
  • Fixed an accessibility issue with focus styles for links on dark backgrounds
  • Fixed an issue with the styles for social media account lists that were unexpectedly affecting other custom styles
  • Fixed an issue where buttons on blue backgrounds were blue on blue
  • Fixed an accessibility issue with thumbnail grid images
  • Removed the name attribute from the “content start” anchor point
  • Fixed an issue where profile listings sometimes output the wrong height and width values