Blogs & Posts

The Blog module is a useful tool for keeping users up to date with the latest articles, news and information produced by your department.

Depending on your goals/needs and audience, a blog can be adapted to showcase a variety of topical content:

  • The latest news from your department or program
  • Upcoming events or past event recaps
  • How-to articles and other actionable material
  • Commentary on changes to your website

In addition, the Blog module lists your posts chronologically and allows your users to search for posts by category, author and year. You can also schedule posts to publish at a future date, cueing up content without having to manually publish it on the day you need your users to see it.

All of this combines for a convenient way to provide your users with current, timely and relevant content.

Screenshot of BizNews blog home page

BizNews focuses on informing its users of the latest news featuring College of Business faculty, students and alumni.

Check out BizNews

Screenshot of Core Resources Blog

Our Core Resources Blog provides changelogs, common issues and informative articles on the latest best practices.

Check out our Core Resources Blog

Want to set up a blog?

If you're interested in setting up a new blog for your website so your users can have access to the latest information coming out of your department or program, reach out to us at Digital Communications so we can help you get started!