Searchable Interface

Our Searchable Interface module is the perfect tool for organizing large amounts of information on your website. Its easy-to-use search box and category selection ensures that users visiting your website have multiple ways to find the specific profile, page or listing that they need.

Check out some examples of our previous work below to see what you can build with a Searchable Interface:

  • A catalog of your college's degree programs being offered this semester
  • A directory of faculty and staff sorted by department
  • An FAQ for your department's most prominent rules and regulations

Custom Filterable List

If our standard Searchable Interface doesn't fit the needs of your department, DigiComm is always available to create custom filterable lists.

You will find some examples below of us adapting our Searchable Interface module to accommodate custom designs, plugin integration and unique data sets.

Want to set up a Searchable Interface?

If you're interested in setting up a new Searchable Interface for your website so your users can find the information they need when they need it, then start a Website - Custom Feature project on Strategic Communications or reach out to us at DigiComm so we can help you get started!