Learning HTML

HTML is the code used to give a webpage its structure. The different elements or tags within HTML are what differentiate the parts of a page into types of content like headings, paragraphs and lists. HTML also provides the functionality for creating links and displaying images.

While it's not completely necessary to learn HTML to build pages in Cascade, it can certainly help knowing the basics for advanced formatting or taking advantage of our code snippets. Understanding HTML also gives you a leg-up on making your website accessible.

Below are a list of trainings and resources the Digital Communications team recommends for understanding HTML.

  • Practical HTML for No-Coders thumbnail

    Practical HTML for No-Coders

    Unless you're a developer, coding probably isn't in your job description. Jen Kramer has put this course together to teach you the basics of HTML—just enough to get the job done.

  • HTML Essential Training thumbnail

    HTML Essential Training

    In this course, Jen Simmons, a developer advocate known for her expertise in HTML and web standards, goes a little deeper on HTML concepts and semantic markup.

  • MDN Web Docs

    MDN Web Docs: HTML

    The Mozilla Developer Network provides tons of basic-to-advanced reference information and documentation on every element of HTML.

  • Crafting Meaningful HTML thumbnail

    Crafting Meaningful HTML

    Get down to semantic HTML use with Jen Kramer as she covers topics like heading order, ordered vs. unordered lists, the best way to emphasize text and identifying semantic problems.

  • HTML Images and Figures thumbnail

    HTML Images and Figures

    J. David Eisenberg takes an hour-long dive into using images in HTML. The information provided is clear and succinct. We recommend taking this course after HTML Essential Training.

  • HTML: Tables thumbnail

    HTML: Tables

    Discover the history of HTML tables, better understand their semantic use and learn how to create, edit and style tables for your website with Jen Kramer.

Note: You can get free access to LinkedIn Learning using your FIU account. All LinkedIn Learning modules can be used toward FIU employees' 20 hours of professional development.