Welcome to FIU DigiComm's New User Resources! As a site editor, you have useful resources available to help you manage your site.

We will walk you though the most important applications you have access to, like Cascade, our primary site management tool, and our Core Resource Hub, DigiComm's main information repository.


Cascade is the primary tool for editing your website. It contains useful features for maintaining, modifying and creating content on your site. It may look a bit complicated at first glance, but we have assembled some training resources to get you up to speed:

Once you're ready to start working hands-on, you can log in to Cascade using your FIU credentials. If you're having trouble logging in, our blog post can help solve some of the most common issues.

Log in to Cascade

Image of Cascade login screen


Siteimprove is a service FIU uses to monitor its websites for quality assurance and accessibility issues.

Siteimprove's Help Center provides tutorials on how to use their tools to evaluate your site for issues like broken links or inaccessible images.

We have a brief summary of the main Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that we follow on our Accessibility page. If your website was previously created by DigiComm, it will be fully accessible, but keep in mind that any future changes done by you must follow accessibility guidelines.

Remember that accessibility isn't just a requirement; it's a responsibility we all have to our fellow Panthers and future visitors to our websites.

Log in to Siteimprove

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been set up on your site using their new GA4 system. This is a useful tool you can use to track different metrics for your website, such as the number of users clicking your links.

LinkedIn Learning's Essential Training series provides a concise rundown all the way from initial setup to interpretation of GA4 data.

Start Your GA4 Training

Core Resource Hub

The Core Resource Hub is your first stop for information regarding Core, the template our websites are built from. Some prominent sections you will want to get familiar with are:

  • Features for an overview of Core modules
  • Best Practices for tips and tricks to ensure your site's users have a smooth experience
  • Accessibility for guidelines on disability accommodation and compliance standards

Core Resource Blog

The Core Resource Blog, also hosted on our hub, is where we post useful go-tos and solutions to common problems. You can also check our blog for the latest updates to Core and other tools used for maintaining your website.

Screenshot of the Core Resources blog

Contact Us

If you find yourself with questions or concerns even after looking through all the resources listed above please contact the DigiComm team at digimaint@fiu.edu.

Likewise, if you have an idea for a new feature or find a bug that needs reporting, make a feature request and help us improve Core.