Release Notes

Core v1.31.1 - Improving user-friendliness with your help

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This mini Core release from the Digital Communications team is focused on improving the user experience by responding to some helpful suggestions from our users!

While nothing in this update is particularly eye-popping, some small changes to module settings and helper text will hopefully result in a smoother experience for Cascade users.

With that in mind, we want to encourage everyone to Submit a Template Request whenever you run into something confusing or awkward in Cascade. Your report could ensure that today's issue becomes tomorrow’s solution in our next release.


  • Added an “Open in New Tab” option to our Thumbnail Grid module. If you notice any of your existing links opening in the same window, double-check to make sure the "Open in New Tab" option is selected.
    • 🎩 off to Jonathan Roberts!
  • Added helper text for the “Hide from navigation” checkbox to make it clearer that this option hides items from main and sub navigation, not tertiary navigation.
    • 🎩 off to Charlie Crespo!
  • Added helper text to the tertiary navigation fields reminding users to check “Hide from navigation” when they don't want items visible in the main or sub navigation.
  • Updated the Background Position field to Photo Focus in our image-based modules.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the News module where special characters, like ampersands, were rendering as their HTML equivalents.
  • Fixed an issue in the Events module where text was not aligning properly when there was no image.