Remember to transfer your forms from forms.fiu.edu

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FIU Forms, located at forms.fiu.edu, will be retired on May 10, 2024. The ability to create new forms was disabled in December 2023.

Screenshot of forms.fiu.edu with notice stating FIU Forms (forms.fiu.edu) will be deactivated by Summer of 2024.

Migrating your forms

We created a post in December on how to migrate from forms.fiu.edu to FIU Webforms. Qualtrics and Microsoft Forms are two other alternatives.

If you decide to import your existing form into FIU Webforms, you'll need to contact ews@fiu.edu to receive an export of your form's structure. It would be best to start this process early to ensure there is time to test and launch your updated form ahead of the shutdown date.

Using Siteimprove to find old forms

We've sent out a number of emails to website owners letting them know we found references to forms.fiu.edu forms on their websites. We found these forms using Siteimprove's Policy module.

Siteimprove Policy module search for forms.fiu.edu

This search only scans the few hundred sites we have set up in Siteimprove. If you'd like access to Siteimprove or need your site added to Siteimprove, please email digimaint@fiu.edu.

Some quick reminders about Webforms

  • Webforms is self-service. DigiComm is here to help, but we typically do not debug individual forms.
  • If you're interested in creating a form and need help from the Office of Digital Communications for making your form successful, you can start a project with the DigiComm team. Make sure to describe the project in detail and select “Website – New Feature” as the service.
  • General issues can be sent to digimaint@fiu.edu.