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Resizing Images for Alignment

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Have you created a thumbnail grid, a three column or a card grid with images, and it looked like this?

Three images in a thumbnail grid module and one of the images is not the same size as the other two images.

One of your images is not aligning with the rest of the images. 🤔

When adding photos in a card grid or a thumbnail grid, the easiest way to get them to align correctly is to ensure they are all the same size. However, this may vary depending on the photos and the look you’re trying to achieve.

If you want your images to be horizontal

We suggest sizing them to 1600x1200.

An example of horizontal images

If you want your images to be a square

We suggest sizing them 1000x1000.

An example of square images

If you want your images to be vertical

We suggest sizing them to 1200x1600.

An example of vertical images

Preferred image sizes by module

If you are unsure what image size to use for other modules check out our preferred image sizes by module table.

Remember, regardless of the size of the photos, it’s always important to optimize your images for the web.